ITD Wellness Centre (IWC)

The ITD Wellness Centre was created as a place of safety, healing and development. Its primary focus lies in the DEVELOPMENT of the PERSON in the context of family, work and community.

The Wellness Centre focuses on energy management in terms of the four Life Quadrants of physical health, mind and mental focus, emotional intelligence and meaning-making. The four quadrants interface and support one another and if one quadrant becomes depleted, the others suffer.

Unhealthy habits are identified and energy refuelling strategies are co-created between counsellor and client in a safe and confidential setting in terms of:


Physical development:

Diet; Nutrition; Substance abuse; Emotional eating; Smoking; Physical fatigue; Physical relaxation; Immune system strengthening; Breathing; Insomnia; Weight loss

Emotional development:

Emotional freedom; Trauma; Anxiety; Overwhelm; Burnout; Self-esteem; ‘Stuckness’; Depression; and Fear.

Mental/focus development:

Concentration; Creativity; Brain development; Career coaching; and Study habits. Professional psychometric and real-life evaluations are conducted to enhance career/life development.


Life-plan development; Grief and loss; Spirituality; and Life balance.

Services offered:

Counselling; Life Coaching; Psychometric Assessment; Real-life Assessment (in-baskets, role play); Clinical psychology; Reiki; Hypnosis; NLP; Iridology; Biokinetics and Retreats.