Fundamentals - Mathematical Literacy

Using Maths to make sense of money and clever living

Purpose of this Module 

This programme will be useful to people who aim to achieve recognition in some level in further education and training or to meet the fundamental requirement of a wide range of qualifications registered on the national qualifications framework.

The essential purposes of the mathematical litercay requirements are that as the learner progresses with confidence through the levels, learners will grow in:

  • An insightful use of mathematics in the management of the needs of everyday living to become a self- managing person. 
  • An understanding of mathematical applications that provides insight into  present and future occupational experiences and so develop into a contributing worker. 
  • The ability to voice a critical sensitivity to the role of mathematics in a democratic society and so become a participating citizen."

Learning Outcomes     

The following outcomes will be achieved after completing this module:

  • Use mathematics to plan and  control financial instruments including insurance and assurance, unit trusts, stock exchange dealings, options, futures and bonds.
  • Use simple and compound interest to make sense of and define a variety of situations including mortgage loans, higher purchase, present values, annunities and sinking funds.
  • Investigate various aspects of costs and revenue including marginal costs, marginal revenue and optimization of profit.
  • Use mathematics to debate aspects of the national and global economy including tax, productivity and the equitable distribution of resources
  • Measure, estimate, and calculate physical quanities in practical situations relevant to the adult with increasing responsibilities in life or the workplace 
  • Explore, analyse and critique, describe and represent, interpret and justify geometrical relationships and conjectures to solve problems in two and three dimensional situations.